One day I dreamed a horse, which was brown and muscular.

The brown horse appeared on full-screen in my dream and I heard a majestic voice coming from  behind  the horse.

The male voice said ” This is the path you should advance.”

When I woke up, I was just confused by the dream.

What was the big brown horse?

What was the voice?

Who is giving me the message through the dream?

My questions were no end.

However, I came to know it was my power animal and he was going to tell me the way I take.

Do you know what maverick is?

Maverick is  an unbranded range animal, or a loner.

The dream tells me I am Maverick.

After a while, I was told by universe consciousness “You’re maverick, aren’t you? You head straight roadless road by yourself.”

Yes, I run up to the top of rocky mountain alone.

I advance toward roadless road by myself like a Maverick.

That what I am.

I am maverick.