I’ve had extraordinarily amazing experiences many times so far.

They were too numerous to be counted, but I still remember each experience and phenomenon.

 I just know every single experience and phenomenon were divine gifts.

One day I heard a woman’s gentle voice around 4 AM in the early morning while sleeping and she said to me “You are going to awaken very soon.”

Of course nobody was there in my room except me and soon I jumped to wake up with surprise.

 It was only the beginning of the spiritual path for me.

After that I came to have so many spiritual but beautiful experiences in my daily life constantly.

 Once I saw many colorful lights in the air in Moreton Island in Australia and other times I saw a small dragon that had a twinkling mouth, moving up and down as if he wanted to tell me some secrets or something in my room at night.

At the time I really wanted to find the meaning of these kinds of mysterious experiences at any cost whenever I encounter such wonder things.

Then,  I began to take counsel from several psychic mediums to know better what was going on to me.

I really need to know the spiritual meaning in the phenomenon, otherwise I couldn’t digest and go forward.

 They told me the meaning of the  phenomenon and each one told me the same thing but each angle was slightly different.

As I took the sessions, I came to find each psychic medium saying the exactly same things about my existence.

According to them, I am a fairy or a goddess itself and came down to the earth from the sky to save the world.  

Many butterflies are fling around the goddess and my existence itself is fragrant with the smell of flowers.

My existence is divine one, and purification itself. Like the more I go to the land, the more the land is purified by myself. The more I see the person, the better she becomes.

I couldn’t believe any of them at first, but gradually I came to know myself and my ability better.

Currently I am a high school teacher and I actually feel the students and school are getting better ones because of me. (Oh, I am so humble person, but it is the truth.)

The reason why I am in the school is there are so many students there, and which means that I can purify many people at a time.

After one year passed, one of the psychic medium told me that she won’t be able to have a session with me anymore because my spiritual growth is too much faster and I’ve already beyond her ability.

I stopped  having session from them before long.

For I could be able to understand the meaning of my spiritual experiences by myself.

But now, I just accept the happening  and the reality as it is.

I don’t seek the meaning of mysterious experiences anymore.

I just accept the condition in my reality just as they are.

I don’t judge them  or add the meaning to my experiences either.

Yes, I ‘ve stopped finding the meaning of it.

I don’t mind if I am a goddess or not.

I am that I am and it is enough to me.

However, I know butterflies are fling around me and I smells good like flowers.

If you are sensitive enough, you might feel it.

Now I simply am on the way to take my path to the truth for seeking full enlightenment.

Love you from my deepest soul.

Thank you for reading….