I was born in Hirosaki city  in Aomori, where is located in northern part of Japan. If you have a map, please check it out. Then, you’ll find a marvelous shape of tip in the main island of Japan. I love Aomori where I was born and brought up.Aomori is famous for a Hirosaki castle, Aomori Nebuta (the night-time festival), apples, and so on.

I think the land has a very strong power to protect people from every evil thing. In other words, I feel the land itself has a power of barrier. So I believe that I had been protected by the land until I left Aomori.

There, there is a man who was successful in growing pesticide-free apples. His name is “Akinori Kimura” and now he is the most famous farmer in Japan. For, it is said that growing pesticide-free apples is absolutely impossible, but he finally did it. He is called now “a man enabling impossibility.” He wrote several books which explain how he had gotten through this ordeal on his own.

He mentions UFO, ET and Dragon in his books.

What’s connection between the farmer and ET?

Why did he come to see ET in his apple field?

     Anyway, after I had read his books, I also met ET at home. Since then, I’ve often come to “walk in” Andromeda being, Arcturus, and other beings. They came into myself and stay for a while for downloading the information that I need. You might not believe in my story or even think I am dreaming or have an illusion, but it’s true.

     From then on their contact has begun.

If you take an interest in him, please go to this English link!


Or please read his books! I strongly recommend you to read his books!!!



Hoping you’ll learn something you need from his way of living in his books.

Love you all from my whole existence….